Rail Living Site : Montana Survey

This is an overview survey of suitable small towns for Rail Living sites (RLs) in Montana along Amtrak’s Hi-Line route from Chicago to Seattle/Portland. In 2009 I traveled on this route from St. Paul, MN to Glacier National Park, MT. Along the way I saw various small towns passing me by out of the window. While I didn’t realize it then, these images would remain in my mind as I worked on my M.Arch thesis. The RLs concept could improve the vitality of these small communities. RailCars of various programs could make stops in places that are otherwise isolated from the services that they could provide. While not perhaps large enough to initially support a Rail Living Center (which offers more permanent living for RailCar members) a smaller Rail Living site offers members a place to make stops between Rail Living Centers in large cities and connect with small town communities.

Rail living sites : typology sketch

type 1 - Roof Plan Section-crop.jpg
type 1 - above-crop.jpg
type 2 - plan-section-crop.jpg
type 2 - perspectives-crop.jpg