B2N Studio: Bridge to nowhere

I’ve never forgotten about this place I discovered during a grad school studio course asking us to find unique sites to explore concepts in serial manipulation. I further developed and refined this intervention located out of sight and out of mind. Rooted with a sense of the forgotten, I designed this work studio as a hide-away, as a place to isolate and escape; visible but otherwise unaccessible.

process merge-edit.jpg
_above1 edit.jpg
_Long Section Cut - render.jpg
_B2N Studio - all linework [working]_PLAN.jpg

aerial images from 2016, 1969, and 1964

Forever dividing the neighborhood that once stood here, interstate construction carved into the landscape and cleared away a corridor of homes and buildings. The rail line used to be an at grade crossing and is now supported by a bridge and embankment. It would seem that the “bridge” that remains today is located near what was left over from the road that once connected to the other side. The narrow “bridge” abuts the retaining wall on the south side and passes untouched underneath the rail bridge into a concrete barrier on the other side of the interstate. This inaccessible site is a strange vestigial urban remnant - possibly a utility that had to cross the new interstate and couldn’t easily be relocated, or a maintenance walkway. It’s purpose for existence is unclear.